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mashimaro has a plunger...

he eats cats.

closet death massacre
12 February 1986
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311, akira, alkaline trio, anime, as i lay dying, asuka, atari teenage riot, atreyu, bane, bettie page, bikini kill, blue devils, boba, btbam, bunnies, bury your dead, c++, chainsaw, children of bodom, claudette colbert, clouds, coheed and cambria, computers, conga fury, converge, converse, cooler ranch doritos, counterstrike, curl up and die, death, dillinger escape plan, dinosaurs, dir en grey, driving, drum and bass, drums, earth crisis, eggs, europe, every time i die, fallen angel, falling cycle, faries, fight club, flcl, from autumn to ashes, fuck, fucking, god forbid, grindcore, happy noodle boy, hardcore, hate, hatebreed, him, honesty, hopesfall, hot hot heat, hot water music, hotwire, in flames, in pieces, initial d, irony, japanese hardcore, john, johnny the homicidal maniac, jump roping, kisses, kittie, lip rings, lipgloss, liquids, love, luti-kriss, malice mizer, mars volta, matoe, melrose, meltbanana, milk, millencolin, minty things, misery signals, mitsuwa, mod, moi dix mois, monty python, mu330, mucc, my bug, neon genesis evangalion, nerds, nora, norma jean, people falling down wells, pizza, playing bass, playing drums, poison the well, radiohead, rain, rei, rice bowls, rockabilly, rpg's, rudiments, running around, scarves, screamo, shai hulud, sitting, ska, skycamefalling, squee, sti, straight-edge, studded belts, subarus, tae kwon do, tattoos, the black dahlia murder, the blood brothers, the faint, the locust, throwdown, ties, tokyo ska paradise orchestra, trigun, underoath, unearth, vintage rock, vinyl, wrx, x-japan, xxx, your mom, zao