I be sick, yo.

So yeah I have lost my voice... It's been gone for a few days now... This is suck.

I have nothing else to report... except that any pictures that I had been hosting on my domain won't work because we aren't renewing it... so yeah.


I just got a Nara shirt... w00t.

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lets hear these hearts beeting faster FASTTERRR

Of course I have to post a picture of the cool Mars Volta shirt I got at the concert. I took this the day after I went, but I never resized it and uploaded it till now... so yeah.

|| e n j o y ||

School is going greatnessly.

Drawing II
Painting II
Ceramics I
Art History (second one)

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This Tuesday

My sister got tickets. I'm leaving from work driving to Temecula in heavy traffic (thankfully she gave me her fasTrak to use.) Then we are going to San Diego to the concert.

Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Mars Volta.

My sister has seen Red Hot Chili Peppers a couple times with Stone Temple Pilots. I don't really care for them, but I guess they put on a good show. I didn't even know who was playing besides RHCP, but I didn't really care when I told her I would go with her, I just wanted to go. I'm stoked its with The Mars Volta... I have wanted to see them live.


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I'm leaving for Kansas in about 5 hours. Thats 4am Thursday... w00t.

I'll be gone for a couple of weeks.

Just letting people know... for anyone who cares...

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(no subject)

I got a Razr last Friday. Yesterday Mike and I hacked it. So now I can use bluetooth to send and get files on it. I have sweeter ringtones than you.

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Ads are gay

Ads are so gay... I couldn't see them... But I'm never going to use any of those things that they give you when you "upgrade" to the ad supported account. So yeah... No more Ads!

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My brother is here. Today is his birthday, he turns 30. He flew in from Alabama yesterday. He moved there about 10 years ago.

yup yup..

so yeah... you like my livejournal with ads?

I can't see them because I have an ad blocker... so enjoy!


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i stare at you!

My Birthday

Sunday was my birthday. I'm 20.

My parents got me the new HUGE wacom tablet. its 6x11. I loves it!

I'm going to Disney again tomorrow with Mike and his sisters.

SO yeah......

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