closet death massacre (closetdeath) wrote,
closet death massacre

lets hear these hearts beeting faster FASTTERRR

Of course I have to post a picture of the cool Mars Volta shirt I got at the concert. I took this the day after I went, but I never resized it and uploaded it till now... so yeah.

|| e n j o y ||

School is going greatnessly.

Drawing II
Painting II
Ceramics I
Art History (second one)

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YAY. that's such a neat color to your eyes. O_O I NEVER GOT TO CUT IT. oh NOOOooo
you look so pretty here.
OHHHH I miss you too. I think I will be there for Thanksgiving and I will be there for Christmas between about 15-january 5?

what does your hair look like now by the way, if i might inquire about such flighty little things? i tried to dye mine back to my natural color...........................and now it is dark grey purplish? with red streaks at the top...and my natural color growing back in at the's very strange and I haven't quite decided what move I'm going to make next.

I think I would still consider you one of my bestest friends even if we never talked again. we should still talk. but it's a funny kind of thing, you know? i would LOVE to see whatever you have!! perhaps I should make more time to go on that little aim...hmmmmmmmm